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We are the Titanium Tigers, a FIRST robotics team based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina composed of students who work together to build robots for FIRST robotics competitions. Our goal is to spread the knowledge of STEM and provide students with opportunities to develop leadership, business, team building, communication, and engineering skills, so that they can not only jump start their future careers but interact and make meaningful relationships with students and others in the community.  

Meet loopy!

Our 2022 robot: Loopy!
- Drivetrain: swerve drive (4.5 m/sec), all falcon motors
- Dual-flywheel upper hub shooter with dual falcons
- Limelight 2+ auto-targeting and range finding
- Traversal climber (about 25 seconds), static hook and telescoping, pivoting arms (very reliable)
- Full width 4 bar intake with flappers 
- 5 cargo autonomous with taxi 
(22 points)
Loopy won the UNC Pembroke district event, placed second at the FNC District Championship, and attended the FRC World Championship in Houston.

The team

We are a group of over 50 students from Chapel Hill High School dedicated to learning more about STEM and robotics. We strive to not only gain new knowledge, but also to help our peers as well as younger students interested in STEM. Focusing specifically on mechanical engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, marketing, management, and leadership, students are able to learn a variety of crucial skills for later opportunities in life.

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