The CHHS First Robotics Team was founded in 2013 by Alan Freedman, former BioMed researcher, and teacher, along with 10 students, encouraging education in STEM and outreach in the community. Initially, there was very little parent support, and team structure. Currently, there are about 40 students, and we now have dedicated branches for each necessary aspect. We have a building/mechanical group, an electrical group, a scouting/data group, a programming group, a business group, and a leadership group. The team is led by Mr. Riley, a former college professor and carpenter, who is currently an Earth Science teacher at Chapel Hill High School. 


By providing the benefit of giving the chance to motivate students to seek education in STEM, the team not only shows students what STEM is about but it also allows them to develop key leadership skills, which will allow them to take initiative in future STEM-based projects with other students.