We won both Doyenne and THOR 3!!! Just to note a few highlights…
- undefeated all weekend, didn’t lose a single match
- successful auto climb
- successful 5 ball auto
- both an A & B team win at THOR with a brand new drive team
- Alliance 1 captains at both Doyenne and THOR

- Thank you to the Eastbots and G-Force for being great alliance teammates

2022 World Championship

We were absolutely delighted and honored to qualify for Worlds at our previous competitions. We competed in Houston in the Roebling division, finishing in 40th. While we didn't end up with a ranking quite as high as we would have liked, we learned so much from the amazing teams there and we cannot wait for what the future holds. From the teams, to the mentors, volunteers, sponsors, and staff we are truly so appreciative for everyone's help! Congratulations to everyone for an amazing competition season and good luck to everyone at their off-season events!



Another very successful weekend for our team! We went out of day 1 in first, were alliance captains for the second alliance, then finished with our teammates (The EastBots and The HitchHikers) in second. Huge shoutout to our alliance partners for their help and support! After an incredible finish, we gained enough points to be 3rd overall in state ranking, and qualify for Worlds!!

Our team is absolutely overjoyed for the opportunity, and cannot wait to go to our first-ever Worlds competition next week in Houston! Thank you to FIRST NC for their support in this process and we can't wait to see other teams down there!


2022 UNCP district event

So excited and honored to have won our first-ever banner at UNCP!!! We were in first after the qualification matches, and therefore the alliance captains for alliance 1. After this incredible win, we qualified for states. Over the weekend, we advanced to having a 10 pt autonymous, as well as having an extremely consistent and high-scoring limelight controlled shooter. We made it to the traversal level of climb in all but one match (due to damage). All in all, it was an extremely successful weekend and exciting moment for us all.

Here is a video of the last championship match (final match 2).


Here is a picture of the team after receiving our award for winning!

2022 Guilford district event

A great first competition of the Rapid React season. We ended 14th, however, we were able to learn lots of information for changes to be made. We also were extremely fortunate as to receive the Excellence in Engineering award.


2021 Doyenne

We were able to successfully perform our triple climb with our teammates!! Such an amazing feat!!

IMG_0446 (1).jpeg

That's us!!!

IMG_0409 (1).jpeg

We had some really great wins!!

- we won all of our qualifying matches (going undefeated in qualifiers)

- we successfully executed the ONLY triple climb of the day and scored the most possible points in endgame because we also got the bar to be completely level!

- we placed 2nd in the finals with team Yeti and team Mavnesium

2021 THOR

We had an incredible competition this year with fantastic performances from both Darth Roomba and our new bot (Loki)! Here are some descriptions of the weekend from our leaders:

"After plenty of hard work and ingenuity, our team was able to pull off a great performance at THOR 1 and THOR 2 in North Carolina. Our THOR 1 robot performed exactly as we expected and lead us to 2 alliance captain while our THOR 2 robot pulled off the best defense at the competition and prevented many points from being scored. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our mentors and our team. This year was a big step up for our team and we hope to keep on pushing forward in the future."

- Nivas Kolli (Team Captain)


"We were happy with how we did. We enjoyed getting to see how our robots fared at competition. We enjoyed getting to see other robots as well and what they have been working on for the past year. Even through the challenging settings of the past year, we were happy to see that we still produced such great robots."

- Matthew Mitchell (Vice President)


"Thor was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The adrenaline rush that came from quickly fixing Darth Roomba and Loki was incredible as it was up to the pit crew and myself to keep us in the matches. It all took a little creativity and a lot of zip ties! Placing 2nd in qualifying rounds on day one was one of the best moments as it showed all of our hard work paid off. Thor was incredible and I can't wait for our next competition!"

- Cole Malinchock (Head of Mechanical)


"With “Darth Roomba”, the first day had a great outcome of placing 3rd in qualifiers. 

What’s even cooler about our team is that even on the 2nd day of waking up pre-dawn, despite there being issue after issue on “Loki” the newer, R&D (research and development) robot, from what I saw, everyone was always ready to keep working to solve every problem that arose throughout the entire event.  


For me personally, as a scout I learned a lot from scouting together with East Bots. It was totally unplanned, and I’m very happy that they reached out to work with us. Over all, being my first time attending competitions I was really impressed with how great the energy at the event was. I think FIRST NC did a great job of keeping the event more fun than competitive."

- Avani Hoops (Head of Business)

"Thor was, basically, a lot of diagnosing problems and scrambling to fix them before the next match. Aside from lunch, which was still busy, the day was basically match, fix, match, fix, fix, fix, match, etc…
It was still a lot of fun though."

- Ryan Atack (Head of Programming)

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