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2022 rapid react

2021 game changers

New for 2020-2021 is the Game Changers FIRST Robotics Competition, implementing a lot of the same pieces and puzzles from infinite recharge.

2020 infinite recharge

Infinite Recharge is the 2019-2020 season FIRST Robotics Competition, involving many difficult challenges and puzzles which the team's robots must complete to progress throughout the competition. The season was sponsored by Lucas Film as part of the Force for Change cause.

first doyenne inspiration


Every year the Titanium Tigers attend the Doyenne FIRST pre-season competition, which is very important not only to the community but to the team too. Doyenne is a female-focused event that allows young women to be STEM leaders and have hands-on engineering learning opportunities in a male-dominated area. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we were unable to attend Doyenne in 2020. However, we are always working to be including people of all genders and gender identities in all of our projects and all of the branches of our team.

first tech challenge

Throughout the year, we have visited several schools in our vicinity to extend the influence of STEM to younger minds. At Smith Middle School, we have helped to start an FTC team that is actively competing. We have also visited multiple elementary schools, including Morris Grove and Scroggs Elementary, where we taught kids about STEM and FRC. Some students were also allowed to drive our 2019 competition robot. With these efforts, we hope to have helped inspire young students to continue the legacy of FIRST. 

first THOR


The Titanium Tigers have consistently attended THOR, the FIRST pre-season competition in North Carolina, and won the competition in our 2018-2019 competition season.