2022 Rapid react - loopy

Our 2022 robot: Loopy!
- Drivetrain: swerve drive (4.5 m/sec), all falcon motors
- Dual-flywheel upper hub shooter with dual falcons
- Limelight 2+ auto-targeting and range finding
- Traversal climber (about 25 seconds), static hook and telescoping, pivoting arms (very reliable)
- Full width 4 bar intake with flappers 
- 5 cargo autonomous with taxi 
(22 points)

2021 infinite recharge - loki

Drive Train:

  • 4 Falcon 500 tank drive

  • WCP single speed gear boxes

  • Colson and omni west coast drive

Power Cell Scoring Mechanism:

  • CNC cut turret with 3d printed back ramp

  • Falcon 500 powered dual-colson flywheel

  • Chain driven turret mechanism powered by 775 pro motor

  • 2 stage turret flip up powered by 4 inch pneumatic actuator

  • Targeting of goal using Limelight 2+ vision targeting

  • Power cells fed into the turret via a 4 in blue compliant intake wheel

Intake Mechanism:

  • Pneumatic drop down intake

  • 775 pro powered dual-intake rollers

  • CNC cut arms

  • Spindexer mechanism in the center rotates the power cells around to organize them in a loop

  • Spindexer spinner made of surgical tubing and powered by 775 red line

Climbing Mechanism:

  • Single hook design,CNC cut

  • Box tube telescoping arm

  • Custom winch with motor lock


  • Custom Fram built out of 2" x 1" 1/8" wall aluminum extrusion

  • Welded frame using vex clamping blocks for drive wheel mounts


2020/21 infinite recharge darth roomba

Drive Train:

  • 4 Falcon 500 tank drive

  • Vex ball-shifting gearboxes produce 9fps/20fps speeds in low and high gears

  • 6" 60D Hi-Grip wheel for solid traction on offense and defense.

Power Cell Mechanism:

  • Welded aluminum frame box design w/ Lexan panels

  • Twin powered full-width rollers for intake and output

  • Mid-box roller to ensure proper Power Cell feed to main rollers

  • Two 775pro motors in Versaplanetary 9:1 gearboxes

  • Falcon 500 powered pivot arms with 36:1 Sport gearbox moving 3:1  spur gear set on a steel drive shaft

  • Targeting of the loading station and goal automated using Limelight 2+ vision targeting

  • Intakes 5 PCs in approx. 1 second from the floor and all loading    station positions

  • Outputs 5 PCs to low goal in less than 1 second

Control Panel Mechanism:

  • Flip-up design to preserve trench capability

  • Flip by 4" pneumatic actuator

  • 4 x 2" compliant wheel stack for positive contact with control panel

  • Driven by Redline motor in a 4:1 57 Sport gearbox

  • Controlled using an SRX mag encoder in a hex-bore housing

  • All control panel actions achieved using automated controls

Climbing Mechanism:

  • Single hook design, hook forged from 1/2" steel with base ring

  • 80/20 elevator powered by 775pro motor in a Versaplanetary 25:1  gearbox

  • Andymark Afterburner winch powered by Falcon 500 in a  Versaplanetary 25:1 gearbox

2019 destination deep space - mia

Mia Ready for the Match at Pembroke

Drive Train:

  • 4 Mini CIM motors

  • 4 12:1 Sport planetary gearboxes

  • 4 Mecanum wheels (6in)

  • Welded steel motor/gearbox mounts

Hatch Panel Manipulator:

  • Pneumatic extending arm

  • Pneumatic actuated tri-tip prong mechanism

  • 4 in pneumatic actuator opens and closes prong mechanism

  • 60 psi working pressure

  • Hatch panel is guided out on a rail system

  • 3 prong mechanism grips Hatch Panels

Cascade Lift:

  • Arms are fabricated out of 1 in extrusion

  • 775 motor runs pulley system to move the lift up and down

  • Pre-set positions to each height on the rocket

Hab Climb:

  • Rack and pinion system

  • 4 rack and pinions push the robot up simultaniously

  • Driven by 4 mini CIM motors

  • 4 20:1 Sport planetary gearboxes driving pinions

  • Each motor contains an attached Mag encoder

  • Welded steel arm mounts

2018 power-up - eugene crabbs

Drive Train:

  • 4 CIM motors

  • 12.75:1 Toughbox Mini gearboxs

  • 4 wheel, short wheelbase tank drive

Power Cell Mechanism:

  • Dual pincer claw manipulator

  • 4 inch pneumatic actuators to open and close claws

  • Manipulator head drops down on hinged mount to deploy after match begins.

Lift Mechanism:

  • Dual-purpose three-stage continuous elevator using the Andymark elevator bracket system

  • Chain driven with #25 chain on 18 tooth sprockets

  • CIM motor powering a 48:1 Banebots planetary gearbox

  • Top stage contains and lifts the Power Cell mechanism

  • Climbing hooks attached to top of second stage.


2017 steamworks - tommy

Tommy ready to start at State.jpg

Drive Train:

  • 4 CIM motors

  • 12.75:1 Toughbox Mini gearboxs

  • 6 wheel tank drive

Gear Mechanism:

  • Sheet metal construction

  • Through-slot for gear lift peg access

  • Flared opening to allow loading from field loading stations

Climbing Mechanism:

  • Custom welded steel cylinder winch body with spirally-arranged pins to engage lift rope.

  • Chain drive to cylinder from CIM motor in 36:1 Banebots planetary gearbox

  • Custom welded steel mounting frame with shaped aluminum guide plate